Product Summary

The DL0165R is a green mode fairchild power switch (FPSTM). The DL0165R is an integrated Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) and Sense FET specifically designed for high performance offline Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) DL0165R with minimal external components. This device is an integrated high voltage power switching regulator which combine an avalanche rugged Sense FET with a current mode PWM control block.


DL0165R absolute maximum ratings: (1)Drain Current Pulsed IDM: 4.0 ADC; (2)Single Pulsed Avalanche Energy EAS: 95 mJ; (3)Maximum Supply Voltage VCC,MAX: 20 V; (4)Analog Input Voltage Range VFB: -0.3 to VSD V; (5)Total Power Dissipation PD: 1.25 W; (6)Operating Junction Temperature TJ: +150 ℃; (7)Operating Ambient Temperature TA: -25 to +85 ℃; (8)Storage Temperature Range TSTG: -55 to +150 ℃.


DL0165R features: (1)Internal Avalanche Rugged Sense FET; (2)Consumes only 0.65W at 240VAC & 0.3W load with Advanced Burst-Mode Operation; (3)Frequency Modulation for low EMI; (4)Precision Fixed Operating Frequency; (5)Internal Start-up Circuit; (6)Pulse by Pulse Current Limiting; (7)Abnormal Over Current Protection; (8)Over Voltage Protection; (9)Over Load Protection; (10)Internal Thermal Shutdown Function; (11)Auto-Restart Mode; (12)Under Voltage Lockout; (13)Low Operating Current (3mA); (14)Adjustable Peak Current Limit; (15)Built-in Soft Start.


DL0165R Typical Circuit